The federal government buys LOTS of services. Billions and billions of dollars worth. Seriously. The government buys some of (maybe most of?) those service as “commercial” services. But what is so different about the government buying “commercial services” versus us buying services out in the commercial world (i.e. outside of GovCon?)

Not much, and a LOT, at the same time.

In this episode Kevin digs into what makes a service “commercial” in the federal regs…and how it can often be “better” for Contracting Officers to buy, and for contractors to sell, through commercial services under FAR Part 12. Desmond Culler joins Kevin on this episode to help cover this huge topic. Desmond is a US Army Contracting Officer with over a decade of experience in contracting in a variety of areas. His specific experience buying commercial services brings an additional perspective to why it’s important for both government and industry to understand how applicable, practical, and effective it can be to use FAR Part 12 to buy a variety of services.

If you buy services in GovCon, or sell services in GovCon – or want to do either, then this episode is for you.