There is much agreement on the benefits of government and industry communicating better. However, knowing we are supposed to communicate “better” is not the same thing as knowing how to communicate “better”.

Back in episode 453, Kevin and Paul outlined Aristotle’s 3 Elements of Persuasion (yes, that Aristotle, from 300 BC). They mapped out how these elements (Ethos, Logos, and Pathos) are tools for both government and industry to communicate “better”. If you have not listened to that episode, we recommend you start there as this episode will make a lot more sense.

Here in Part 2, Kevin and Paul continue the application of these persuasive elements by focusing on how the Government acquisition teams can use them to get better offers from better contractors. They provide examples and some tactical steps to increase the likelihood that industry will choose to engage with the government’s acquisition and put its best effort forward to win the work to support the government’s mission.