In this episode, Kevin is once again joined by Troy Francis. Troy knows the nuances of both Federal and Local contracting because he’s been both a Federal Contracting Officer and now he is a Chief Contracting Officer in the Office of Procurement for the District of Columbia – i.e. local government.

This episode is a continuation of episode 439. In part 1 (episode 439), Kevin and Troy focused on the key difference between federal and local contracting from the government buyer’s point of view.  They compared the regulations between federal and local, as well as some pros and cons for each.

In this episode, they dig further into the question of how federal contracting can be different from (or similar to) state and local contracting.  They cover the key differences from the industry point of view, including how the timelines are different (or not) and how the contracts can be competed and awarded differently.

Bottom line: If you’ve ever wondered how federal contracting is different from state and local contracting, this episode is for you and so is Part 1, episode 439 here.