Is federal contracting really that different from state and local contracting?

In this episode, Kevin welcomes Troy Francis to the podcast to help answer that question. Troy knows the nuances of both Federal and State/Local contracts because he been both a Federal Contracting Officer and now is a Chief Contracting Officer in the Office of Procurement for the District of Columbia.

However, State and Local contracting is a huge topic. So for this episode we focused on 3 key areas:

1.      A side by side comparison of the specific regulations, processes and guidance for Federal vs State/Local.  How different are they, really? If you know the rules in one, can you operate in the other?

2.      As a buyer, is one “better”, “easier”, “simpler” than the other? We weigh the pros and cons from a government point of view.

3.      As the seller, is one “better, easier, simpler” than the other. We weigh the pros and cons from the contractor point of view.

Bottom line: If you’re ever wondered if and how federal contracting is different than state and local contracting, this episode is for you.