GovCon has unique words, like “de-obligated” (not be confused with “not obligated”) – or “colors of money” (not to be confused with regular money that’s well, green here in the US). While unique GovCon words like these can be their own challenge, once you know them, you know them.

However, things get really dicey when we use words that mean one thing in GovCon, and can mean something different outside of GovCon. Words like committed, obligated, amended, extended, terminated, shaped, proscribed, in scope, determination, finding, authorized, approved, and more. Both government and industry have to agree on what these words mean, in the context of GovCon – or we risk talking past each other and wasting precious time correcting miscommunications “later”.

To help, we’re starting a new series called GovCon Vocabulary to clear up the confusion (sometimes among ourselves) on what these words mean in the GovCon context. Here in Volume I, Kevin and Paul clarify “Amend vs Modify” and “Prescribe vs Proscribe”.