The government awards most contracts using competitive processes. Some of those processes are simple. Some of them are complicated. Sometimes they are so complicated that the process from requirement to award (through the Acquisition Time Zones®) can take month or even years to complete. There is a lot happening of the government side during what feels like an extended acquisition process. (as we outline in many of our 400+ episodes).

In this episode, we explains some of what’s going on the industry side during the Acquisition Time Zones® – during what industry refers to as the Capture process. The Capture Manager leads the Capture Process and is responsible for all the activities during the months (or years) leading up to the contractor submitting a proposal. The Capture Manager plays a key role in whether a contractor wins, especially on large, complex contracts.

Kevin is joined by Jennifer Namvar to help outline the role of the Capture Manager. Jennifer has decades of experience as a federal capture manager with a variety of contractors. She now is a Capture Management consultant with the Peerless Group. She’s also a Contracting Officer Podcast 2.0 subscriber. In this episode, we detail the what, why and some of the how behind the role of the Capture Manager.