Plenty of ink has been spent on how government and industry need to communicate more, and better (including by us). However, knowing we are supposed to communicate “better” and knowing how to communicate “better” are not the same thing.

To help both sides understand HOW to communicate better, Kevin and Paul pulled from the Classics (as in Aristotle) and created a 3-episode series built around applying a long-standing communication process called Aristotle’s 3 Elements of Persuasion (Ethos, Logos, Pathos). In this first episode, they describe the 3 Elements of Persuasion, and then give examples of how to use them in GovCon. Part 2 focuses more deeply on how the Government acquisition teams can specifically apply these 3 elements. Part 3 focuses more deeply into how and when Industry can use these 3 elements of persurasion to win..

First though, here in Part 1, Kevin and Paul highlight some ways both government and industry can use Ethos, Logos, and Pathos to increase the value of, and effectiveness of, their communication.