There are several places in the FAR that direct contracting officers to award products and services against existing contracts BEFORE establishing new ones. There is even a specific provision that acquisition planning include consideration for the “use of pre-existing contracts.”  That’s logical, use existing contracts before awarding new ones. There is a LOT of data on government contracts so finding those contracts should be easy, right? Well, maybe. But even once we find them, how do we determine that awarding against the existing contract is the right fit to meet the mission?

For government, knowing where and how to find those contracts can streamline your process to award.

For industry, knowing where and how to find those contracts is an other avenue to support you current and future government customers.

In this episode we review 4 free government sources to find those contracts, as well as the the pros and cons of  that go into the considerations to use existing contract versus awarding a new one.