Communication matters.

Communication between Government and Industry (between buyer and seller) is a key factor in the effectiveness of GovCon. Without effective communication, both government and industry can be very busy sending information back and forth without a lot of meaningful results for the government customer. After all, the purpose of a contract is to solve a problem for a government customer.

In this episode Kevin and Paul outline an effective way to boost communication to improve the effectiveness of GovCon: By focus on the understanding that problem that needs to be solved.

In this Part 1 of a series, we describe why understanding the problem is important and what happens when both government and industry don’t understand the problem. We also provide some FAR references to back up the concept and some strategies on how to better focus communication on the problem to be solved.

In Part 2 (next week), we outline some specific tactics to ensure both sides understand the differences between a GovCon “contact” and a GovCon “opportunity”. Hint: One creates activity and the other solves a problem for a government customer.