If you work in the Government acquisition world, this podcast is for you. (not just for Contracting Officers!)

Kevin and Paul revisit the fundamentals of the podcast: the Acquisition and Execution Time Zones. If you’re a long time listener this overview is a quick refresher on the beginning and end points of each time zone. For new(ish) listeners, this episode defines one of the key concepts used to illustrate “where we are in the process” in nearly every podcast episode.

The Acquisition Time Zones: Requirements Zone, Market Research Zone, RFP Zone, Selection Zone

The Execution Time Zones: Honeymoon Zone, Performance Zone, Re-Compete Zone, Wrap-up Zone.

We’ve also used this opportunity to rename the Source Selection Zone to simply the Selection Zone. After a couple hundred episodes we finally recognized that the “source selection” terminology is pretty much a major competition thing. We’ve been inadvertently giving offense to the vast majority of government buys where a formal source selection is not required. Listen and learn! (I guess we finally listened and finally learned…)