If you work in the Government acquisition world, this podcast is for you. (not just for Contracting Officers!)

We’ve debated the 80/20 rule many times on the podcast and discussed how the ratio between process and relationships required to win Government work is loosely related to the size and complexity of the acquisition.  Today Kevin talks business development and the power of relationships with Bill Naughton, the Director, Federal Markets – Water & Wastewater, at United Federal Water Services, a Division of SUEZ Water in North America.

Bill gives an overview of utility privatization, the unique challenges Government and industry face in this niche, and the extent to which he goes to build the relationships necessary to even compete for this business. Ever heard of a 50 year Government contract?  Listen and learn!


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Kevin Jans and Paul Schauer created the Contracting Officer Podcast to help Government and Industry acquisition professionals understand more about how the other side thinks.  Admittedly, the podcast’s name sounds very limiting.  It is not just for contracting officers or even just for those in the contracting profession.  Anyone with an interest in the Federal acquisition world can benefit from the insight and down-to-earth explanations of complicated topics provided by the hosts.