If you work in the Government acquisition world, this podcast is for you. (not just for Contracting Officers!)

Welcome to the Performance Zone!  This is where the work gets done…

Kevin and Paul introduced the Execution Zones in Episode 84.  The Execution Zones are a helpful way to envision where and how certain topics fit into the Government contracting world.  The Execution Zones are the post-award companions to the Acquisition Time Zones and are referenced in many episodes. In chronological order, they are:

1) The Honeymoon Zone

2) The Performance Zone

3) The Recompete Zone

4) The Wrap-up Zone

Much like the Acquisition Time Zones, the Execution Zones are cyclical, but using contract award the as “beginning” is the easiest way to think about them.  After the Honeymoon Zone we enter the Performance Zone.  Contract performance is the bridge to the next contract and how customer satisfaction is built and maintained. The performance zone is actually the reason all the other Acquisition and Execution timezones exist – so the Government can buy something and so Industry can deliver.