If you work in the Government acquisition world, this podcast is for you. (not just for Contracting Officers!)

The Federal government uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (http://www.census.gov/eos/www/naics/) to classify businesses and collect statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.  NAICS codes define companies of all types based on the activities in which they are primarily engaged. The Small Business Administration (SBA) uses the NAICS as a basis for its size standards, which determines whether a business is considered large or small for each applicable NAICS code.

Paul discusses NAICS Codes with special guest Shelley Hall and explains what they are, how they are used, and why it is important for both Government and Industry to understand NAICS codes.

Learn how misuse of NAICS codes can skew the Government’s market research and how Industry can use NAICS codes strategically to eliminate potential competitors.