Forms. Really? That does not sound very exciting.

Fair enough – while “exciting” is not the word most people think of when discussing forms, this topic is relevant and important. Why? Because government contracts are often built on process – and forms are the language of process. Forms are important enough that they get their own part in the FAR (Part 53).

In the last episode (450), Kevin and Paul outlined the key types of solicitations Contracting Officers can use to award contracts. This topic of forms is a spin-off of that episode because the Contracting Officer’s decision to use a specific solicitation lines up with a specific form (or forms), and those forms line up with the processes to award contracts under that solicitation type. Do you see the pattern?

Whether you’re on the government or industry side, if you’ve never thought about the form you’re signing…this episode will fill some gaps for you so you better understand the processes behind that form – and why you would care about it – all in under 20 minutes ☺