Episode 443 was Part 1 of Pre-Acquisition communication. In that one we introduced the concept of Pre-Acquisition communication, Kevin and Paul provided some context why it matters.

To recap, Pre-acquisition is what happens BEFORE there is a requirement…before the Acquisition Time Zones.® In part 1, we explained that this is the period where communication can be wide open between government and industry – which makes it a ideal opportunity for government and industry to engage.

Here in Part 2, they dig into the underlying value of engaging in pre-acquisition communications to BOTH sides (government and industry). They use examples of how the upside of sharing early information greatly outweighs the downside risk of “wasting” the time to do so. The key is being intentional about communicating by knowing what we want to share, or learn. To do that, government and industry need to know what the other side wants from the Pre-Acquisition communications, and why.

As you can imagine, that level of detail for this topic is why this is a 2-episode topic ☺ If you’ve not listened to episode 443, I suggest you do that first.