Kevin and Paul have covered a LOT of topics on this podcast. In each of the episodes, they map out where a particular topic fits within the Acquisition and/or Execution Time Zones®. (NOTE: For more on the Acquisition and Execution Time Zones®, check out episodes 003 and 372, respectively). Using these time zones, they explain where each topic fits between the developing of the requirement all the way through closing out the contract that delivers that requirement.

But what happens BEFORE there is a requirement?

What if the government has yet to define the requirement to solve a problem they have?

Or what if industry has a solution to a new problem the government doesn’t know they have yet?

These questions all fall BEFORE the requirement is written down. This is before the start of the Acquisition Time Zones. This is the period we refer to as “pre-acquisition” – as in, pre-Acquisition Time Zones®.

This Pre-acquisition time is an ideal opportunity for open communication between government and industry. In this episode, we outline what happens, and what can happen, during this Pre-acquisition period. It’s critical for both government and industry to clearly understand how best to take advantage of this Pre-Acquisition time so that we can improve the contract outcomes that result from going through the Acquisition and Execution Time Zones®.