We talked in episode 440 about how the government awards contracts for lots of services – unless those services are “inherently governmental activities”. We outlined the definition of that in episode 195. What makes these roles “inherently governmental” is that they are filled by people making decisions on behalf of the government. For example, these folks are deciding if the government will buy something, what they will buy, and how they will buy it, among others. You may recognize some of these activities from the groups we outline in our “3 Deciders” concept we covered in episode 118.

In this episode, we explain what exactly makes the decisions inherently governmental. It’s important to know the why, how and what of these inherently governmental roles – whether you on the government or industry side of GovCon – because not knowing what can and cannot be decided by specific people in GovCon is like playing chess without knowing how the specific pieces move.

Pro tip: If you’re not familiar with the terms “inherently governmental” and “The 3 Deciders”, I recommend you listen to episodes 195 and 118 before listening to this one.