“Government contracting” is a broad phrase. There are many types of contracts, and types of contracting that fit under Government Contracts.

One of the lesser known types of contracting is Contingency Contracting. This is contracting in an unknown or unstable and often unsafe environment. Contingency Contracting Officers award contracts and procure goods and services in response to disasters, as part of stability efforts in foreign nations, and/or in a war zone (for example). In other words, NOT a traditional business to government environment.

In this episode, Kevin is joined by Troy Small from the Skyway team. Troy is a retired US Marine Corps Contracting Officer. One of his many roles in contracting was as a Contingency Contracting Officer in Iraq. He knows this role from the ground level.

Troy helps Kevin outline what contingency contracting is – and how being a Contingency Contracting Officer is unique, and uniquely interesting, in many ways. We explain how Contingency Contracting Officers operate in a different environment, in a VUCA environment (more on that in the episode).

This episode will likely broaden your perspective on what contracting officers do, and how they do it, in a VUCA environment.