If you work in the Government acquisition world, this podcast is for you. (not just for Contracting Officers!)

In this ENCORE presentation, Kevin and Paul introduce the Execution Time Zones –  a helpful way to envision where and how certain topics fit into the Government contracting world.  (execution as in “contract performance”, not as in…you know, the other connotation) The Execution Zones are the post-award companions to the Acquisition Time Zones and are referenced in many episodes.

Much like the Acquisition Time Zones, the Execution Zones are cyclical, but using contract award as the “beginning” is the easiest way to think about them.  Starting with contract award, we enter the Honeymoon Zone.  Learn what happens during the first days and weeks after contract award and why a contract kickoff meeting is valuable for both sides.

Following the Honeymoon Zone, the continuum moves through the Performance Zone, the Re-Compete Zone, and the Wrap-up Zone before circling back to the Honeymoon Zone for the next contract.

Learn when to begin the capture and business development process for your next award.  Learn when Government acquisition experts begin their market research.  The basic flow of contract execution and administration is explained.  This episode is a quick overview of each zone – be sure to listen to the zone-specific episodes for deeper insight.