If you work in the Government acquisition world, this podcast is for you. (not just for Contracting Officers!)

The Recompete Zone is here!  Are you ready to compete just to keep doing the work you’re already doing? A unique feature of the Government Acquisition world is the requirement to fairly compete new contracts, even if the requirement is unchanged from a current effort and the Government is entirely satisfied with the current contractor’s performance.

Kevin and Paul introduced the Execution Zones in Episode 84.  The Execution Zones are a helpful way to envision where and how certain topics fit into the Government contracting world.  The Execution Zones are the post-award companions to the Acquisition Time Zones and are referenced in many episodes. In chronological order, they are:

1) The Honeymoon Zone

2) The Performance Zone

3) The Recompete Zone

4) The Wrap-up Zone

The Performance Zone and the Recompete Zone don’t have a clear line between them. In most cases they occur simultaneously for at least some period.  Learn why both Government and Industry can be dual-hatted during the Recompete Zone and how this zone parallels the Acquisition Time Zones.


Kevin Jans and Paul Schauer created the Contracting Officer Podcast to help Government and Industry acquisition professionals understand more about how the other side thinks.  Admittedly, the podcast’s name sounds very limiting.  It is not just for contracting officers or even just for those in the contracting profession.  Anyone with an interest in the Federal acquisition world can benefit from the insight and down-to-earth explanations of complicated topics provided by the hosts.