Listen and Learn…What is a small business set-aside? Why would the Government allow only small businesses to bid on some opportunities?

In this ENCORE presentation, Kevin and Paul discuss the different types of small business set-asides and why they are important for both large and small businesses to understand.  Learn how the Government can benefit from utilizing more small businesses and some of the pitfalls that can trip up a small business set-aside acquisition.  Learn how small businesses can influence Government acquisition offices to set business aside for small businesses only and why large businesses should pay careful attention to business size standards for every acquisition.


Kevin Jans and Paul Schauer created the Contracting Officer Podcast to help Government and Industry acquisition professionals understand more about how the other side thinks.  Admittedly, the podcast’s name sounds very limiting, but it’s not just for contracting officers or even just for those in the contracting profession.  Anyone with an interest in the Federal acquisition world can benefit from the insight and down-to-earth explanations of complicated topics provided by the hosts.