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The rules and processes make it hard for buyers and sellers to communicate. Hard, but not impossible. Rather than complain about all the rules and acquisition policies, let’s enable effective communication and understanding between buyers and sellers. With our training, you’ll see the federal market from the other side’s perspective. Sounds hard, right? Hard, but not impossible.

In our courses, you will discover the WHY, the WHAT as well as the HOW of federal contracting from the ground-level (where business actually gets done). This training from contracting officers is specific, actionable, and gives you unique insights from a Contracting Officer’s perspective.

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Topic Date Time
Effective Sections L & Section M
Host: Kevin Jans
28-April-15 12:00 – 1:00 pm est.


Solicitation Sections L & M

A Webinar presented by Skyway Acquisition Solutions, LLC
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What: Sections L&M are the core of any source selection. How well both buyer and seller understand 1) what needs to be in the proposal (Section L) and 2) what will be evaluated (Section M) can be the difference between a smooth acquisition and a roller-coaster ride that is wrought with frustration and usually ends with protest (or 2).

The value of both sides understanding Sections L & M is clear.

For the government team, clearly articulating these sections is critical for effective competition and timely award. For offerors, clearly understanding these sections (and how to communicate when you don’t) is critical to success capture, proposal, award and performance.

In this webinar, Kevin Jans, a former Contracting Officer and the President of Skyway Acquisition, explains what these sections are,why both buyer and seller want them to be crystal clear, and howboth sides can communicate to make them so. This includes:

  • How to decide on the minimum effective content
  • How to map Section L to Section M (even in FAR Part 12)
  • How to review L&M
  • What is industry looking for in Sections L&M?
  • What is the CO looking for in offerors’ comments?
When:  April 28, 2015 at 12-1 pm (eastern)

Where:  Once registered, you will be able to access the webinar from your desktop, phone, or tablet.

Price:  $25 Webinar | $100 Webinar w/One on One Consultation