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After years of working for the government, Kevin realized the market required  a place for medium sized businesses to go to get educated on selling to the government and he had become a guru working as a contract specialist with the U.S. Airforce. He got his spouse on board and took advice from a mentor before starting out on his own. He now has a successful podcast, he’s written a book and runs his own company. He has an infectious enthusiasm for what he does and tells us to just get out there and do it.

Kevin spent 16 years on the government side of federal contracting as a contract specialist and contracting officer. He bought goods and services across a variety of industries, totaling over $1 Billion. Kevin now hosts the Contracting Officer Podcast. He also serves as the President of Skyway Acquisition Solutions, which he founded in 2011 and has helped clients win $470 million in contracts. Kevin’s super-power is his ability to help people understand this complex market in simple terms. Help your listeners get a unique perspective on the government market.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] How Kevin became the entrepreneur he is today

[3:32] 500 in our Skyway connection community

[3:59] The Contracting Officer podcast

[5:36] The podcast content – 250 topics

[7:45] First actions – Get advice from a mentor

[8:39] Mission Statement: Help companies to stop throwing darts

[10:22] Your spouse needs to be all in, well and the advisory board

[14:04] Marketing is our sore spot but other people believe in what we are doing

[16:19] I force myself to create content

[17:27] Pick the next 5 steps and just start doing something

[18:15] Get out there and fall on your face

[19:04] The Champion Mastermind Group

[20:41] The Happiness Advantage Book

[21:54] Eat a live frog first thing in the morning

[25:12] Infectious enthusiasm

[27:07] So many irons in the fire

[27:40] My podcast has me pumped and my book will save them time

[29:41] My advice to former self – Don’t look for a map

[30:48] Be on the cover of slow company magazine

[32:00] kevin@skywayaquisition.com

[32:25] Be comfortable selling