The Contracting Officer Podcast©
Advertising Options and Rates

Sponsorship - $500
Sponsor will receive a five second introduction spot at the beginning of the podcast content. Example: “This podcast brought to you by <Your Company>. Please visit them at <Your Website>.” Maximum two per podcast, with one being an advertiser.
Advertiser - $1500
Advertiser will receive a sponsorship spot and a fifteen second ad spot at the end of the podcast content.  Advertiser can provide a pre-produced recording or a script for Paul or Kevin to read.  Maximum one per podcast.
Advertiser Link Page - $50/year
A link to the advertiser’s website will be displayed on The Contracting Officer Podcast Resources webpage.  Purchase of an advertising spot is required to purchase this option.
Friends of the Contracting Officer Podcast - $100/year
Display your individual name or organization (along with a link to your website) to Friends of The Contracting Officer Podcast webpage.  No other purchase is required.
Featured Expert - $10,000 plus Proof of Expertise
Become a featured guest as a Subject Matter Expert on The Contracting Officer Podcast! Record a podcast (minimum fifteen minutes in length) where you discuss a topic with Paul and Kevin.  Proof of Expertise is information offered to showcase that you are a Subject Matter Expert. Example: One admission to a seminar you are hosting.  No other sponsors or advertisers will be accepted during your recording.

*Prices valid for purchase through March 15, 2015.  All content subject to editorial approval.  All paid spots forever remain with the original recordings.

For more information or to purchase any of these options, please contact Holly at (727) 644 – 0665 or email