The Story of the Contracting Officer Podcast

logosmlPeople (and companies) need help navigating the federal contracting market from Contracting Officers’ point of view. Contracting Officers need help understanding the market from other contracting officers (and from the contractors’ point of view). We want to help them both. We created the Contracting Officer Podcast to help them both ‘sides’ to understand the market better, to more effectively navigate it, and to communicate better throughout the competitive process.

We created the Contracting Officer Podcast as a place for people to learn about federal contracting from Contracting Officers’ (CO) perspective. I am excited to be partnering with Paul Schauer to host this dynamic podcast. Paul and I have been friends for almost 20 years (!). During that time, we have each been COs for multiple federal agencies, such as Special Operations Command, Air Force Materiel Command, and others. We were excited and energized to create this new podcast because it allows us to help more people succeed in the federal market – while also creating a place to encourage open communication between federal buyers and sellers.

As your hosts, we will cover a variety of topics, experiences, strategies, and insights (through interactive discussion and CO interviews) to help you navigate federal contracting. Our intent is to share the collective insights of COs to help you compete better, win more and more effectively relate to your government customer. You will better understand the rules, strategies, and tactics – and the reasons behind them. We plan to keep the content targeted and actionable to give you ‘ground-level’ insights that you can implement now.

Paul and I appreciate your support and your listenership (is that a word?). We are glad you are a part of the Contracting Officer Podcast community and our hope is that it helps you in ways we haven’t even thought of yet.

Kevin Jans
The Contracting Officer Podcast